The mind-boggling challenge of keeping under continuous control the ever-increasing heterogeneous IoT data sources, interfaces and protocols  in your industrial processes and applications. 



Almost every industrial domain is facing the challenge of dealing with the diversity of sensors and equipment involved. This diversity is fueled by the promising capabilities and performance potential offered by new devices, technologies, interfaces and protocols deployed. Nevertheless, ad-hoc integration may result in systems quickly becoming too complex  and expensive to manage, resulting in counter-productive processes.

In this tutorial, mainly organised by the Belgian Tchnology Centre CETIC, we will be presenting the benefits of introducing an abstraction level through a modular middleware dedicated to the integration of heterogeneous IoT data sources. We will show how to keep under control the integration over time – of adding newer heterogeneous IoT data to existing infrastructures – by leveraging semantics and built-in flexible data modeling.


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About the STARS project

This webinar is organised by the STARS project. The application of advanced technologies and their Europe-wide dissemination in internal company processes should help to significantly improve the adaptability of traditional SMEs from the rail and mobility sector to the changed economic environment after the Corona crisis and to increase their competitiveness on a European scale. The project thus contributes to the European Commission’s economic stimulus package. To achieve this, the STARS project aims to support international cooperation between technology-savvy SMEs/start-ups and traditional SMEs.