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ELPA Ltd.: Generally, railways are underserved with efficient anti-noise technology. Managing high frequency noise with friction management technology (or lubrication technology as it is also called sometimes) is only the most obvious aspect of well managed friction. The greatest challenge is maintaining required traction. There are two essential aspects of managing friction: composite materials (or rail gauge lubricants) and application devices. The role of applied composite materials will be discussed because they provide the noise reduction. Application devices provide precise application to the different parts of the rail to minimize consumption and deliver optimal anti-noise and anti-wear results.

Technological possibilities will be presented along with the results ELPA’s technology WONROS® (the name stands for wear & noise reduction at source) achieves: up to 99.9 % or 30 dBA reduced friction noise. The technology delivers consistent results for almost two decades on grooved rails, Vignole rails and hump yard retarders. Environmental & budgetary aspects of the lubrication technology will also be presented along with the legislative trends and issues in the EU.

Z Lab is an international company applying the knowledge of aerospace engineering to the other sectors such as Railways, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Defense. The multinational engineering group of Z Lab in 3 continents of the world provides: RAMS analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety), ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) & LSA (Logistic Support Analysis), Maintenance manuals, Life cycle costs analysis, Acoustic analysis, Acoustic certified on-field/in-lab tests with special focus on railway applications, Acoustic designs. Z Lab is present all over the world with 9 branch-offices and 2 independent laboratories: besides Italy in Brazil, Iran and Türkiye. Thanks to the companies in the Holding Z Lab can also offer Prototyping for the producer companies.

In this webinar Z Lab will explore the concepts of acoustic comfort, with particular focus on the railway environment. Innovative technologies aimed at decreasing reverberation times and improving speech intelligibility will also be demonstrated, in order to provide passengers with a better travelling experience.


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