Digital transformation is changing the way an organization operates. Systems, processes, workflow, and culture are all adapting. This transformation affects each level of an organization and brings together data across areas to work together more effectively. By taking advantage of workflow automation and advanced processing, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), companies can connect the dots on the customer journey in a way that wasn’t possible before. So this is an opportune time for businesses to focus on their digitization and transformation needs.


In the previous edition of the digital networking session, 27 EU companies and ~50 Indian companies participated. More than 110 B2B meetings were facilitated. These will be virtual networking events (no registration fees) to promote India-Europe Digital Cooperation and help European companies interact with experts from leading Indian IT companies from the digital space and have curated B2B meetings.



Event details: 

This is a focussed B2B event to match-make European and Indian businesses.

  • European companies to share their requirements using this form. This will help us curate and suggest the right Indian match before the meetings.
  • The profiles of the Indian companies and their expertise shall be shared prior to the event so that meetings can be finalized.
  • Each EU company will have meetings with at least 4 Indian companies suited to their requirements. (No registration fees)
  • This will be a virtual event, please refer to the following link for the format.




Who can participate – from Europe:

Large multinational organizations, SMEs, the Indian division of the European organizations, small companies/start-ups from  Automotive / Mobility, Energy, Maritime, Water, Food / Agri,  Aerospace, Industrial, BFSI, Pharma, CPG, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing Logistics, and other related sectors.




Who will participate – from India:

The Indian companies with expertise in digital sectors like – cybersecurity, telecommunications, 5G, blockchain, e-commerce, fintech, AR/VR, SAAS, digital twins, industry 4.0, software development, big data management, cloud computing, automation, IT staffing, etc. Please find the list of Indian companies participating on the following link.