The event aims to address one of the most disruptive advanced technologies for the Railway and Mobility Value Chain – and beyond: Artificial Intelligence (AI), in fact, represents a very important driver for innovation and performance, yet it still needs to be understood in its actual potentialities and broad applications throughout the entire Value Chain, with special attention to SMEs.

The full understanding of the technology and the identification of use-cases where it can deploy its benefits for each organization become, therefore, fundamental, given the attention the European Commission poses to it, from the “European AI Strategy” to make the EU the place where AI excellence thrives from the lab to the market, to the establishment of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) required to cover AI as a must.

The event is therefore conceived as ‘acceleration event’ to understand the technology, characteristics and its potential applications. For this reason, the aim is to introduce and understand the technology and its typologies, its benefits and business potential for the railway and mobility value chain.

Presentations on current, inspirational, use-cases together with brainstorming, pitches, group work and networking will help the participants identify new use-cases suitable to help companies and value chains increase safety, performances, sustainability, quality etc. of industrial processes, products and services.

Last but not the least, the event will include the “skills” aspects, as pre-condition to enable the companies in the value chain – with special attention to SMEs – to make the most of the opportunities untapped by the AI, as well as the available AI tools and the available funds.

Ultimately, the event will help the participants – with specific attention to companies – understand  why to invest, where to invest, what skills are necessary¸ what tools and funds are available.

The event is organised by DITECFER within the EU “STARS” project it coordinates, within ERCIEuropean Railway Clusters Initiative, in view of the launch of “AI MAGISTER” EDIH-European Digital Innovation Hub participated by DITECFER, and in collaboration with the EDIH Tuscany X.0 and EEN.


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