STARS project has been developed and coordinated by the DITECFER railway cluster from Italy and has the support of 30 vital European organisations.

STARS project aims to represent a booster in terms of production performances and innovation capabilities for SMEs thanks to the uptake of Advanced Technologies that can make such change possible.

Advanced Technologies have proved to give competitive advantages and will build « Future Mobility. » In addition, several of the technologies will foster the future of the Railway & Multimodality industrial meta-ecosystem.

STARS aims to help SMEs focus in:

  • Support the organisational/cultural change based on innovative models
  • Support for a better understanding of investment aspects and return-on-investments (ROI) related to the adoption of Advanced Technologies
  • Training and assistance on funding opportunities for investments
  • Support for upskilling and reskilling.



What are the STARS Hack&Match events?

The “Hack & Match” events represent an integral part of the assistance process by the STARS project partners, as we plan to accompany the traditional SMEs to these events not just with ‘needs’ but with potential solutions. This will make both the Hackathon-part and the Matchmaking-part more specific and tailored.

The STARS Hack&Match events are an innovative event format thought to bring together traditional railway European manufacturing SMEs with technology providers that can offer them the right solutions for their digital transformation needs.

STARS Partners will organise five Hack&Match events during the project.

The topic of the first one is: “Energy efficiency for railway manufacturing and production.”

Participation is free of charge and 100% online.



Why should you participate?

Participating in the STARS Hack&Match events represents for European manufacturing SMEs an opportunity to get an overview of different advanced technologies that can be implemented in their companies to increase productivity, reduce costs, develop new digital business models and facilitate their green transition.

STARS Hack&Match events are also a real opportunity for tech-savvy SMEs offering technological solutions for manufacturing can access a broad audience of SMEs representatives potentially interested in their solutions.

Several of the technologies which will foster the future of the Railway & Multimodality industrial meta-ecosystem:

The main focus of this first STARS Hack&Match event will be to develop and stimulate innovation and collaborations among traditional and tech-savvy SMEs on the topic “Energy efficiency for railway manufacturing and production.”



Hack & Match Event #1 – Agenda


During the whole process described above (and even afterwards), we provide you with a B2B  meeting platform to meet and exchange with all the participants and stakeholders of the project, all the hack&match events participants &  experts and also other companies with an interest in our approach. 

An opportunity for your company to meet new business and/or innovation partners!

Registration to the matchmaking platform: